BrewRiver Gastropub

Riverside Drive is one of my favorite streets in all of Cincinnati. You go from multi-million dollar condos to poverty about every 1/4 mile. My friend Kelly lives and works in Mt Washington and I work downtown - so we try and meet somewhere in the middle - often at Eli's - but today we decided to try BrewRiver Gastropub (in the old Maribelle's spot). 

It definitely is a brew spot - they have a TON of beers - half the menu is beer! Since we were there for a weekday lunch - we passed on the beer. 

The inside first floor is rather small - there are maybe 8 tables or so and a giant (beautiful) bar. They do have an upstairs and an outside patio that gets quite a lot of traffic.

I went with the fish & chips ($16) that are ale-battered and served with a house-made kimchi tartar sauce. The fish was really good - the batter was light and not too caked on but still crispy. I was a little nervous about the kimchi tartar sauce but it was DELICIOUS. The fries were fine - a little under-done and served with a house-made ketchup. I did not care for the ketchup - I'm sure it's just 39 years being programmed to Heinz but it just didn't have much flavor. I also asked for a side of ranch for the fries - but they make all their own dressings and didn't have ranch (I know - the blasphemy) so brought me a parmesan peppercorn - I didn't like that either.  But again - the tartar sauce was great - it was a lot different than regular Frisch's type but it still had a strong enough mayo flavor that it was familiar. I would definitely order that fish again!

Kelly got the Muffaletta ($12) which is a New Orleans sandwich with salami, ham, cheese and an olive spread. The bun looked really soft and tasty and she gave me a bite. Unfortunately neither of us were in love with the sandwich that much. When I've had these before they were pressed so it was a little more smushed together with the melty cheese - I think this was lost without that. 

Why Should You Go? If you like to try different kinds of beer - you should definitely try this place. The food was hit & miss - it feels like they want to be "fancy food" - and maybe they hit that mark with a lot of their items. The fish was really great - and I haven't found a lot of fish & chips that I like - I just wouldn't get the sandwich again. The prices are also a bit higher than a regular pub - there was a BLT at $10 but the rest were $12, $16 and up...

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  1. We went for brunch and it was amazing. I had the BLT&E and Neil had the fried chicken...both were great!

  2. I had the goetta croquettes and the poutine. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Foodhussy, the fish and chips may have just been okay, but if you go back you have to get the Truffle Mac & Cheese. A. it's huge and you'll have leftovers for another meal or two and B. the cheese sauce is so amazing that I've never been so tempted to stick my face in the bowl and lick it clean. Thanks for all of the great restaurant reiews - Ginna