Cooking Light Holiday Help!

As you're finalizing all of your holiday plans - a great place to find great ideas are the online versions of magazines. I am part of the Cooking Light blogger network and have found some great tips & ideas for this season!

If you're going to be the one cooking - check out their Quick Holiday Recipe Guide! Everybody is always complaining about gaining weight this time of year - you can help by making something delicious and nutritious!

Photo courtesy of John Autry/Cooking Light

There are desserts (like the Honey Glazed Almonds you see here), entrees and side dishes - so there's a way to fit healthy eating into all aspects of the holiday meals and they don't take forever to make! Those almonds are done in about 15 minutes! 

I also know some other folks that are "foodies" and it can be hard to find the right gift - or if my hubby is still looking for ideas - check out their Foodie Gift Guide!

Photo courtesy of Brian Woodcock and Randy Mayor/Cooking Light

What the heck is that you might ask? An infrared laser thermometer!!! How cool is that?! Now you just ZAP! and read the temperature on things (meat, candy, your husband - well maybe?). It's $80 on

So rather than struggle through the last-minute details - just check out some of the Holiday editions of your favorite magazines - like Cooking Light

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