Frozen Lunch Review: Lean Cuisine Salad Additions

I'm a member of BzzAgent and get full size products from them ranging from lotion to allergy medication and everything in between - I really like the program and it's fun to get free stuff. That said - they recently made me a BzzAgent for the Lean Cuisine Salad Additions program! I was pretty psyched since I am a food blogger to get something food-related this time around!

They sent me one coupon for a free salad addition ($2.98 value) and then a few additional coupons for $1 off. I saw an ad in the coupon section for them that mentioned they were available at Wal-Mart. So this weekend we headed there for our grocery shopping so I could find one and do my Bzzzzing. 

I chose the Southwest Style Chicken which has chipotle ranch dressing, chicken, black beans, corn, roasted red peppers, poblano peppers and crispy tortilla strips - all you do is bring the lettuce. 

It's actually a little daunting when you take it out of the package - lots of little packages and just a word of warning - take your dressing out and start it thawing at least 10+ minutes before you want to eat lunch - otherwise frozen! 

First you get the dressing thawing, then you heat the chicken/vegetable packet. While that's going - I put the lettuce on my plate. Then layer it all up and voila - a big salad

So what did I think? Well - it's a mixed bag. Most of the time when I'm eating a frozen entree for lunch - I don't really pay much attention. I'm just eating at my desk while I'm working and not really caring about the specifics. For that - it's fine. 

This time though - I paid attention to each item and the flavors - with that fine tooth comb - it loses a bit.  The chicken was a little rubbery, the roasted red peppers were mushy, the beans were grainy, the dressing was pretty good for "light" but still had that awkward taste that "light" ranches tend to have, etc... I'm not sure if it was the peppers or the dressing - but it did have a kick to it - a little bit of lip fire when I was eating it - not too much - but noteworthy.

But then there is the convenience factor - I know it sounds stupid and lazy - but oh well - I never have "salad stuff" around to pack like this. I also like warm toppings on my salad - so this was really easy and had the cool, the warm and the crunchy. 

I don't think I would buy these all the time - but probably once/month - I would get them. 

Here are my notes:
  • Flavor - covered above
  • Meat - covered above
  • Time - really quick (2:30 min) but make sure you thaw your dressing sooner 
  • Cooking - Excellent - no issues!
  • Cost - $2.98 (but free for me with BzzAgent)
  • Nutrition - 260 calories, 9 grams fat (w00t!)
  • Allergens - milk, egg
  • Fullness Factor - an hour later...I'm a little hungry :-( 

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  1. all of the salad additions contain poly unsaturated fats!
    do you know how bad this is for your body???
    and this from a product called LEAN CUISINE?