Mild Boneless Wings - Yes Please!

My Mother-In-Law lives in Hamilton so we're often heading over to Springdale/Rt 4 to see her - last week when we were taking her back home - we stopped off for lunch at Rooster's next to the Springdale Cinema. 

It's pretty much a Hooters-ish kind of place as far as the menu goes but the wait staff is dressed normally instead of like 80s hair band video girls.

We went for an assortment since we were starving and hadn't been there before: potato skins, boneless wings, chili, etc... 

The potato skins were fine - average and the chili wasn't great - I didn't even eat half of it - nothing offensive - just not very good. Larry and I each got some boneless wings with mild sauce and they were really good! Some places the mild sauce is almost like a butter sauce - this was a true mild sauce with a tiny bit of spice to it and the wings were really juicy. We both really liked the wings and finished them up quickly! 

Why Should You Go? It's a sports bar with wings - nothing amazing or out of this world - but if you're in the area or heading to the movie and want some wings - it's a decent place. They were 59 cents the day we went - which is pretty good. 

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  1. We go to the one in Milford occasionally. The burgers are good, but their Fried Chicken salad is excellent!

  2. I just reviewed them recently too! Their wings were good :)