Road Trip: Kent State University (Kent, OH)

It's a new year - and I have soooo many posts backed up in the drafts area - you're going to be hearing a lot from me in the coming weeks! Let's start with a road trip to Kent State to visit my younger sister! 

We had to check out the football stadium - after all - the team has pretty much been horrible for 40 years (according to sis) and this year - they're going to a bowl game! This stadium is REALLY nice - especially considering how bad their team has been. Good luck in the Bowl on Jan 6!

We also stopped by Brandywine Falls at Cuyahoga Valley National Park - we weren't sure how close we would be able to get to the falls with all the snow and not-the-best shoes - but we did pretty well. This is where we stopped though - we'd been down a few stair cases to get to this point and decided we'd better stop before I fell on my bum! It's a beautiful sight and we definitely want to check it out in better weather.

There was also a placard with the story of the village - it was a mill during the earlier 1900s but went by the wayside as so many mills did.

Not quite like our trip to Niagara - but beautiful nonetheless!

Kent State also has a big rock on their campus that's now in it's eighth decade! The rock is there to be painted on by students to share whatever message they feel is important for the day. You can read more on the rock here

My sister decided I should share some Food Hussy love with Kent State and that we should have a bonding experience over it. So we headed to Wal-Mart for spray paint and painted the rock! I felt like such a criminal - but she assured me it was okay to do - so I painted away.

And there it was - I left my mark on the rock of Kent State! I didn't figure somebody's #1 Prom needed to be there anymore...and the red stood out great and you could see it from Taco Bell across the street! 

There were also a few restaurants we visited - like Mike's and Stownuts (Stow + Donuts = Stownuts) - those posts will be coming soon! 

Also something noteworthy to see (we saw on last visit) was the memorial to the shootings from May 4, 1970. They have markers where each person was's definitely worth the drive through campus to see. 

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