Stehlin's Meat Market

I finally found the time to visit Stehlin's Meat Market at 275 and Colerain and thank Goodness I did! 

Cincinnati has a lot of meat markets - it seems like everywhere I drive - I come across one. Lucky for me - this one is only a few minutes from my house. 

Stehlin's has a great butcher counter - and they process all their own meat! I asked if they had ground turkey and they said I could have some they bring in that's dark & white combined or their own ground turkey breast - I knew which one to choose! 

They also have some specialty mustards as well as a variety of products from other vendors - such as the twice baked potatoes I picked up in the pic below!

I got some pork chops, ground turkey, ham salad, potatoes and then decided the puppies needed a couple of things too! I picked up some pig ears - which were big hits - but then the guy behind the counter said he had something special for my big dog.

Then he went and grabbed a cow leg and buzzed off a hunk of raw femur bone (lower middle of the pic above). I had no idea what to do with it - he said "Well give it to the dog!" Um - OK!

Now I know how to keep two dogs happy for hours! Pig ear for the little one (under the coffee table) and femur bone for the big dog! Peace, quiet and gnawing!

Stehlin's is great and they have a variety of specials on their calendar - which you can pick up in-store or see online! Also this is their 100th year in business - which is awesome! I'm so glad I finally made my way in - even if it was in year 100!

And trust me - once you walk in - you'll be sure to come back! That smell is delicious!!!

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