Stinky Chinese No More!

There's one place that has undergone quite the transformation and if you haven't seen it - you need to. 

I used to refer to AmerAsia on Madison in Covington as "Stinky Chinese" - we went there not for the ambiance (or the smell) but for the cheap tasty Chinese food! 

Now it's undergone a menu change and a complete interior redesign! There are funky tables, posters everywhere, hanging lights - it's actually hip. WTF?! I kind of miss my stinky chinese - but they did keep one thing - good cheap-ass food! 

Oh how I wish I had photos of the original - it was sooooooo ugly! My girls from work have no idea how classy it is now?!

Their lunch specials which come with rice are $5.50! You can add soup/egg roll or sub lo-mein. But seriously - you aren't going to find a better lunch for less than $6!

The one thing I miss is the bowl of krispies on the table - I was so looking forward to them when we went but there were none to be had. :-(

Why Should You Go? If you work in NKY or downtown - this is a must-do for lunch. I'm not sure how far I'd travel - but I really enjoy it and will definitely be back. 

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