Food Hussy Review: Goldfinch Restaurant

After our Scenic Road Rally - we were starving! Luckily just a couple of minutes away we found the Goldfinch Family Restaurant! 

It's a fairly standard family diner with a giant cow out front. The folks that own it are very Catholic as well - there's a picture of the Pope and Mother Theresa inside! haha

In my world of Weight Watchers - I went for the vegetable soup. It was good - lots of veggies and a rich warm tomato base. Definitely not soup out of a can...

Larry went for a Pastrami sandwich - there was a LOT of meat on it. He was only able to eat half and the fries were good as well. 

I went for a Veggie Melt - veggies are free on Weight Watchers - but I was dying for some cheese so I made my choices as wisely as I could. I know it wasn't the "diet plate" - but I was cold and hungry - and hey - it must all be working - I've lost 10 pounds!

Why Should You Go? It's nothing that special - but I also didn't try their pies (omg they looked so good) - but it's clean and has a good menu and good service. So for a diner in rural Indiana - it's a good stop! I'm always one to stop at a local place rather than a chain (Arby's is practically next door) - so if you're in Brookville for the lake, the canoes, the slopes or the wolves - check it out!

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