Oxymoron of the Day: Healthy Donut @Busken

So this journey with Weight Watchers is not an easy one - I'm faced every day with choices, choices, choices! My head says lettuce, my butt says cheese!

Well another thing my butt wants is donuts! I mean - duh - who doesn't?! Well thankfully - the generous folks at Busken Bakery have come up with a solution:

That's right these heart-shaped wonder donuts are only 4 Weight Watchers points! Thank you Busken for the Lite-Hearted Donut!!!!

They dropped some off at our office on Monday just in time for the Monday all-staff meeting and it was great. Everybody groaned, "HEATHER - DONUTS???" and I exclaimed, "No they're healthy!!!" (As healthy as a donut can be.)

They provided the nutritional info and it's healthier than toast & jam! Woohoo!

Busken has these at their stores but they are also doing something fun for the next month! They're having a pop-up store in OTR. It starts this Friday February 15 and will be every Thursday, Friday & Saturday through mid-March! It's at 1218 Vine Street in OTR starting at 7pm until Midnight/1am.

Also - something I love is another donut shop that serves them warm - well I popped one of these in the microwave this morning for 10 seconds - PERFECTION! My coworkers also mentioned how filling these were. It is a great glazed donut - and 4 WW points - gotta love that!

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