Pink. Peppercorn. Chocolate?

Ah the perks of blogging...a fun little box showed up filled with chocolate! Seriously - I didn't know that happened in real life! 

The kind folks at Videri Chocolate Factory in Charlotte, NC sent me four kinds of their hand-crafted artisan chocolate. They sent over: Sea Salt Chocolate, Classic Dark Chocolate, Dark Milk Chocolate and Pink Peppercorn Chocolate.

Since I am watching what I eat - I decided these had to go to work with me. I bust them out in meetings or when pregnant coworkers need a fix. Everybody looks at the boxes and thinks they're fancy soaps but are happy to find out it's chocolate! There are actually two individually wrapped bars in each box.

This is nibbling chocolate for sure - you're not going to bust one of these out and gobble the whole thing down - it's VERY rich. But at $7.99 a box - it's meant to be savored.

It's a small shop and it's open to be toured and you can even host a party there! (If you live in Raleigh - check them out!)

As far as the taste - obviously - it was great. The Dark was really rich and had that bitterness to it that is associated with dark chocolate - I typically love dark - but it was a little too bitter for me.

The Dark Milk was really great! The squares are 1 pt each - so it's a nice treat to take of the sweet tooth after lunch and not blow my diet to pieces.

I loved the Sea Salt Chocolate - there's something about that sweetness and then every now and then a little pang of salt jumps in! Really great stuff!

Then there's the Pink Peppercorn - my coworker jumped at the chance to try it - then looked at me and said, "It tastes like a chocolate steak" (and not in a good way). I tried it as well and while it was my least favorite, I didn't find it near as offensive as he did!

If you're looking for a special gift for someone that LOVES fancy chocolate - I would highly recommend Videri!

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