Product Review: Quorn Burrito

The friendly folks at Quorn emailed me asking if I wanted to try one of their products - so I decided to check a few of the more interesting ones again and see what I wanted to try! 

I went for the Chik'n & Tomato Roasted Corn Salsa Burrito - I've never been much on fake meat - but when it's free - I'll definitely try it. 

I did think it was funny - they sent this single burrito in a box big enough for two cases of them! I couldn't stop laughing as I unpacked the box, then the cooler, then the wrapping and saw one lone burrito in this GIANT box. 

Fat free sour cream people - don't start lecturing me!

On the Weight Watchers scale - it's 9 points - which isn't bad for a lunch. I don't think it was really substantial enough for dinner.

It did suffer a bit from the "no distinct tastes" that frozen burritos tend to be afflicted by. But if you like products with a kick of spice - this is for you! I definitely needed water with this one.

Overall it was fine - I wasn't wowed and haven't purchased any of them since. I think I just need cheese or beans in a burrito. I will say though - from a vegetarian perspective - the chicken tasted like chicken.

I am intrigued by the Gruyere Cheese Cutlets - maybe someday I'll try those myself!

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