Bag O' Gluten Free Goodies!

I love coming home to big giant surprise boxes! The wonderful folks at Van's sent me a big box of Gluten-Free goodies. Now Larry and I aren't gluten free - but we were excited to try a few items. Larry is allergic to eggs so we regularly buy their gluten-free waffles because they're egg-free as well. 

But this time - we got to try some other fun Van's products! They provided cereal, snack bars and crackers! Now I decided to share this plethora of gifts with my good friend Beth - who does actually live gluten-free. How could I not share the wealth?! Beth told me numerous times over the past couple of weeks how great all these products were - and she should know! 

Larry tried one of the Cereals and he's usually pretty hesitant to try anything branded as "healthy" - but we were out of his sugar filled junk food cereal so I got out the Cinnamon Heaven cereal and he bellied up to a full bowl and finished it off! So hey - couldn't be too bad! 

Recently I broke open the box of cheese Crackers and was shocked at how great these were! They are really thin and light and crispy with a nice cheese flavor but not too overwhelming. I really enjoyed these and I liked that they were bite-size. I would definitely buy these crackers!

Last up were the Snack Bars - I'm extremely picky with these types of bars. I tend to think they're all grainy and kinda gross. But Larry actually got me to try one of these because he came home and said "Hey - that candy bar was good!" Candy bar? Wow - that's a pretty ringing endorsement! I did have a couple as snacks and they were good! They weren't candy bars but I did say I enjoyed it and ate more than one - which is a rarity for me. (not at one sitting)

All in all - this definitely opened my eyes - I had tried some gluten-free stuff before that was pretty gross - so this was really great to try some that were "normal" and even good! 

Thanks to the folks at Van's for the big bag of goodies! 

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