Cincinnati Phenomenon: Fish Fry Season

Ah yes it's Lent and that means only one thing in the world of Cincinnati Dining - FISH FRY!!!! 

The Enquirer even has a URL redirect to their calendar just for this purpose -!

I was pretty ashamed to admit that having lived here for nearly 9 years - I'd never been to one!! How can that be?! So I had it on my bucket list of things to do this year and can definitely say - I'll never miss another year! 

I know they are all over town - but I decided to hit up the Corpus Christi Catholic Church since it's on my way home. They post their menu online each week as well - here's the one from last Friday

They have a few options - which is nice - I went for the beer battered and it was delicious! I've gotten this twice now - and won't change my mind on the main dish for sure! As far as the sides - I've tried a few things now:

  • mac & cheese - it was better the first time (pictured here) - the 2nd time it was a little more "bottom-of-the-pan" so this can be hit & miss - definitely some Velveeta in this stuff
  • hush puppies - they were fine - a little small and crispy - I guess I'd prefer fewer and bigger - but they were good - definitely needed ketchup or tartar sauce
  • bread - one week I got the piece of rye and the other i got a pull-apart roll - loved that - so I could make a sandwich out of one piece of fish
  • green beans - these were really great - definitely NOT canned! I think they were from someone's garden - they were so good! 
  • cole slaw - it was okay - not very creamy so if you're a fan of "lightness" when it comes to the creamy - then this is for you
All in all - I'm digging Corpus Christi for sure - you can call ahead or walk in to a separate door for carry out and the price can't be beat either - $7! 

Larry's never sure about fried fish because a lot of times people dip it in egg before the batter - so he went with the baked tilapia - and again - good stuff. 

You only have a couple more weeks to experience this phenomenon - so get to it! And please share some of your favorites with me - I want to try a new one before they're over for 2013! 

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  1. Hope you went tonight. This is typically the last Friday for fish fries. Next week is Good Friday, a Holy day in the Catholic Church, so the fish fries end tonight.