Food Hussy Review: Taqueria Mercado

I'm usually a "pack my lunch" kinda gal - and the crew that is the "going out" group doesn't usually go for Mexican - but every once in a while the stars align and they go for Mexican on a day when I want to go out - those are the days I say, YAHOOOOOOOO! 

So we headed to Taqueria Merado's downtown location just up the street from the Aronoff. The chips were warm and the salsa was fresh - can't get much better. 

Chicken, shrimp and rice...


And my favorite - the Torta. It's hands-down the best sandwich ever. Fresh bread, shredded pork, sour cream, lettuce, tomato and avocado. I just can't get enough!

Why Should You Go? The prices are great - it's definitely a good deal! The guac is better at La Mexicana but they don't have a torta. It's nice before a show too - since it's so close and never as busy the fancy places.

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  1. La Mexicana had a torta in 2011 when I visited. I too am a fan of both restaurants.

  2. La Mexicana has Tortas. You can get them with any kind of meat.