Product Review: Amy's Light & Lean Burrito

It's not often I find a frozen lunch meal that makes me giddy. Well - thanks to Amy's Organic - it happened! 

I came across these Light & Lean Burritos at Kroger (regular price $3.49, on sale usually at $1.99). I did doctor it up a bit by bringing an avocado and salsa to top it with. 

This burrito is delicious! It also microwaves pretty well. I really like the purple bag in the frozen section - but those are outrageous when it comes to Weight Watchers (which I have NOT been doing so well on) so it's great to find something that I like a lot that is comparable. 

I've also tried frozen burritos in the past (Evol, Quorn and Red's) and this is by far the best!

As far as my side dish - it's cottage cheese, avocado, cucumber and grape tomatoes - I got that from Pinterest. It's not easy to use an entire avocado by yourself - so I had to get creative. They make miniature forms of so many vegetables - why not avocados?! 

I highly recommend these burritos - they cook great in the microwave, taste great and are low in points! 

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