Review: Frank's Diner in Colerain

I am a SUCKER when it comes to a diner...

so the other day when Larry wanted a burger from a diner - I was giddy! Hitting up Urbanspoon - we found that Frank's Diner was only a few minutes away so off we went!

Turns out it's next to Wet Pets which is an aquarium/fish store we hit up quite often - 2, 2, 2 stops in 1!

As far as diners go - it's perfection - the counter with the stools, vinyl booths, semi-open kitchen and even a super friendly waitress that's six-months pregnant! 

Who doesn't love a laminated menu?!

We've actually been a couple times already - so you get breakfast & lunch review with this one! Dad ordered biscuits and gravy - of which I had to sneak a taste. While I didn't like the gravy as much as Bluebird - I did like that there was sausage in this gravy - bonus points to Frank's!

I got an omelet and hashbrowns - sooooo good! It was real shredded cheese (not some funky sauce) and the omelet had great fresh ingredients.

Larry was more in a lunch mood - so we got mozzarella sticks before the meal. These were some of the best I've had in Cincinnati - battered, not breaded; crispy and the cheese was perfect! We got these on the 2nd visit too!

Larry's standard diner order is a steak hoagie - this was from our 2nd trip - because the first was for the burger. This was HUGE and really tasty. He could only eat half of it (after all those mozz sticks!). The bread was great - while I have no idea if they make it themselves - it wasn't the usual stale bun you get in most places. And look at all that cheese - seriously.

On our first trip - I was looking for something healthier and went with a grilled chicken sandwich and cottage cheese. I was amazed by this sandwich - that chicken was so juicy! Most of the time grilled chicken has the dried out issue - but this was incredibly juicy! I'm not sure if they marinate it first or what but it was awesome!

And there's Larry's burger & fries along with a cheese coney. Like every diner in Cincinnati - they have chili - so we had to try it. We both thought it was fine but prefer Gold Star. The burger though - delish! He ate almost the whole thing (even has bacon peeking out there). The dogs still got a nice mix of cottage cheese, coney and fries in their leftover box! 

Why Should You Go? Okay - obviously - not much else to say - this place is fantastic! Our waitress is so friendly - we always sit in her section now. The food is great and there's a ton of it - so you definitely get your money's worth. It's great to have finally found "our diner" on this side of town! 

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  1. I love a diner, too! There's not too many "chain" restaurants I would prefer over diner or bar food.