Road Trip: Whitewater Canal, Harrison Tomb & Price Hill Incline

My husband is a big fan of the History Channel so one of his past times recently has been finding historical sites in Cincinnati. Especially when you're low on funds - it's a way to pass time on a nice afternoon. 

At our doctor's office - we came across a picture of the Price Hill Incline - which took us to which has lots of historical transit-related items from the 'Nati. 

One of which is the Whitewater Canal - it's a bit of an adventure using this site to find things because they don't tell you exactly where things are - so you have to do a little Googling. We found this had an opening in the Cleves area - so we headed off to discover it. 

Luckily, the state has these great markers there to help you out a little. This one took a little more work though...

...but we parked the car and started looking around. There was a path and we could hear water - so we checked it out. Well the water was something else - but once we got to the end of the path - we found the canal! Well - what's left of it. It's the oldest canal tunnel in Cincinnati and is one of only 12 in the country. It's been filled with dirt for decades :-( but it was still interesting to see. 

After this - we looked up on the History App to see if there were any other historical things in the area and found that William Henry Harrison's tomb was only a couple miles away. 

I've never been to a Presidential Tomb - it was pretty stately (obviously - right?).

It's really impressive and has a beautiful river view as well. 

You could see inside the gates and see the wreath for his grave. I wonder how often they replace it or if it's fake. There was a visitors book but not sure if it's ever open to the public. 

Then finally it was to the Price Hill incline - it's another one of those you have to search out a little. There's a big curve that you go up to get to the top - that's the base of the hill. Then when you get to the top - Queen's Tower - that's where the park for the incline now stands. 

You can still see remnants over the wall of where the incline landing was.

I think it would be so awesome to travel back in time to see things like this - I wish more of them had stood the test of time. 

Most of the area around the Incline Park is pretty rundown but they recently built some condos and opened a restaurant next to the Park/Queens Tower - it's called the Incline Public House - and it's now on my wish list - if nothing else for the view.

I encourage you to dig around this great city of ours and find something you never knew existed!


  1. Very cool! The Incline Public House is indeed worth checking out by the way - for the view more than the pizza, but the pizza's not bad.

  2. We really enjoyed the Incline Public House, both the view and the food. I had fish and chips and hubby had the IPH Pastrami, both were very good. Looking forward to going again when the weather is warmer and we can sit outside.

  3. Check out the Whitewater Canal Scenic Byway that runs from Lawrenceburg up to Hagerstown IN. It's the Canal that the Cincinnati and Whitewater Canal linked to in the Harrison area.