The Art of Food - open through March 21!

Well my food loving friends - I was so happy to attend one of my favorite events of the year a couple weeks ago - The Art of Food at the Carnegie. Now - I went on opening night when they have food to eat & food art to view - while you missed that one - you can still see the art! It's up through March 21! The best part is - it's free! I always appreciate that the Carnegie provides me tickets to attend and I'd love for you guys to check out all the great things they have for you - THAT ARE FREE! If you've got an hour or two this weekend - go check it out. 

The Art of Food opening night is fun - you walk up and are hit smack dab in the face with brick oven pizza. Oh yes - it's going to be a good night.

My favorite part is trying restaurants that I've heard of but not had the chance to visit yet. Django in Northside was there and they had their take on a bite-size shrimp taco - delish!!!

My good friend Matt from Virgil's was cooking up all sorts of pig parts. I even ate pig snout. While he said it would be better than Spam - um #notsomuch - but hey love that he brought it and love that I tried it!

Here's a bit of the food art - this from Leah Busch and Sandra Gross - and you could have this beautiful cake in your home for just $250 and it's calorie free! 

Another place I loved was Fresh Table from Findlay Market. I've gotten side dishes from there before - but this Thai Meatball was really great! Next time I'm at FM - I'll be stopping there for more take-home goodies!

Some of the art was so fun - these paintings were great and brought back some hilarious movie memories. 

Queen City Cookies never disappoints - this year there were amazingly decorated animals and tiles you could decorate yourself!

She loves cookies! 

Last year they started having walking art with these women dressed in costumes made of food - hey - next year let's get Project Runway here to design these! The downstairs room is always soooooo packed - we headed upstairs just to breath (and take fun pictures).  

I can't quite remember where this guy was from - he was in what I named "The Delicious Room" - he's in Hyde Park Square - maybe from M. He was a hoot - full of personality!

This looks like an open wound - but it was the best dish of the night for me (and a lot of people). Also in the "Delicious Room" was Europa from Covington. They were serving up Blueberry Bread Pudding  and this amazing polenta & pork dish. I don't even like polenta - but I gobbled that up! As is the tradition - at the end of the night - no matter how full you are - you go back and have seconds on your one favorite dish! This bread pudding was it - hands down. And as we were chatting with people - they said the same thing. These two dishes had MANY returning visitors!
Another new one for me was Alfio's - this was also extremely popular! This adorable guy was serving up Baked Angus Ravioli and it was delish! I'm always looking for a great Italian place and this is definitely it! 

More cool art - this one - is freaky! Rachel kept pointing out all these odd things in this piece - which she liked at first - and then was quickly creeped out by!

I saw this one and had to take a pic with it - no idea why I growled but I guess that's how I handle a hungry man!

This one cracked me up - I have no idea what a half-naked guy covered in grease has to do with a recipe for a fortune cookie - but there you go. 

I'm a sucker for cornbread and Carriage House Farm was there with Mini Cornbread and Buckwheat Honey (which they make and sell from their own bees). This was one of the best of the night.

One of the candy girls! 

An honorable mention for the evening was La Poste with their French Toast - I don't like bananas but this was amazing! I couldn't really get a good picture with 300 people pushing and shoving to get a taste of it - so you'll just have to take my word on it.

And yes - the King of Cinci chefs - Jean Robert was there...

And he even put this guy to work - cracking pepper for the salad. Now he can say he was a Sous Chef for Jean Ro!

All in all - a very fun evening! The best part is - you can check out all the fabulous art without all the crowds. The Art of Food is free at the Carnegie through March 21. 

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