DIY Day - Spring Wreaths

My girlfriends and I get together once every couple of months for craft day - this time we decided to make a spring wreath! The first step for me was that I pinned a bunch of different wreath ideas to my DIY Pinterest board - check them out!

The plan was we would each choose a wreath and then meet up at Michaels to buy the supplies - Rachel was on the plan. Danielle and I met up there and sort of combined plans from a few different wreaths and made up ones of our own. 

Here is Danielle's finished project - we really had fun picking out flowers and going back and forth between the foam and the willow wreaths but I like how it turned out. It's very Danielle - looks organic.

Rachel's project - well it had a few more bumps in the road. There are supposed to be painted styrofoam balls but the paint wasn't covering them...

Hers had polka dots stamped on a hay-type wreath. Then she was going to attach the flowers and the balls. Because of the paint issue - she had to take hers home to complete.

And here's her finished wreath!

I went for the oval willow wreath and big daisies! It's funny - normally I'm all pink - but I've been in more of a blue mood lately. I wrapped a little fabric around it as well and popped the heads off the flowers and glued them to the wreath. Then I picked up the initial J - the font I liked was only in black - so I decided to paint it with blue glitter paint. Then Danielle had some ribbon that she tied into a bow and I added a cute little bird to the top. 

I'm really happy with how it turned out! And - it was only $13!!! I was looking around at pre-made wreaths in the store and they were a minimum of $30 - so $13 was a bargain! 

Our craft day was AGAIN a success! We're already planning our next one...what will we do next?

DIY Wreath

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