Shamrock Bar & Grille - Lexington, KY

A couple weeks ago we headed out on the Bourbon Trail and after all that bourbon (gack) - we decided we needed some food! So, as is the tradition in the Food Hussy world, we ask the locals! So the folks at Town Branch had a lot of suggestions for us - but the one that intrigued me was a bar & grille that had the same menu, better food and was cheaper than another place they mentioned - sounds good to me! 

So we found the Shamrock Bar & Grille - it's a bit hidden and the GPS address is an Indian place next door - but we finally spotted the green awning and headed inside.

I was craving a burger so I tried the Patty Melt with onion rings. The patty melt was fine - nothing too special. I guess I like mine thinner so it all melts together. The onion rings however were fantastic!!! I'm not usually one for onion rings - I'll have a couple and that's it - but these - I finished off! 

Why Should You Go? It's fun trying something new in a new city and was nice to have a personal recommendation. And they carried the Bourbon Barrel Ale from Town Branch!

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