The Hot Ticket: Yard House

I didn't think much about it when we headed over to the newly opened Yard House last week - but I guess it's a pretty hot ticket! We were there at lunch and it was easy-peasy getting a table. So if you're hot to try it - head there at lunch. You just can't drink as much! 

This guy was there to welcome us - how can you not love those glasses?!

While Yard House is a unique addition to the downtown area - it's actually owned by Darden - which also owns 7 other brands including the newly opened Seasons 52 (review & giveaway coming soon), Red Lobster (review & giveaway coming soon) and even the Olive Garden!

That said - they do make you feel special. The service was very attentive and that selection of taps was amazing! They even had my hubby's new favorite, Mt. Carmel Amber Ale!

Their Chicken Tortilla soup seemed pretty special so one of our group tried that and I have to say - it looked great. She enjoyed it a lot too - but how can anything with a big slice of avocado be bad? Am I right?

The server recommended their burger saying it was the best in town - that's a big claim there! I went for the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger with the rum bbq sauce on the side. I am not a fan of rum and am glad it was on the side - it was too strong for me. The burger - meh - it was good - but not the best. It was a good burger - just nothing too amazing.

The fries were great - they were skinny fries and great dipped in the garlic aioli that came with the burger. I got a side of ranch (of course) but it was NOTHING special at all - totally out of a bottle. Blergh.

KC got 3 tacos which were small but mighty - she definitely liked them! Her favorite was the hongos (mushrooms). It seems every place has these little tacos now - they were solid for sure.

Another person got 2 of the tacos with sides - she liked the tacos as well - but said the rice tasted more like Asian rice than Mexican rice.

The last of us got the Grilled Cheese & Tomato Bisque combo with a side of fries. She also liked this a lot and said that this was more gourmet than the ever-popular Tom & Chee.

Why Should You Go? Well - if you like beer - you have to go. They have 160+ beers on tap. It's got an industrial decor and is a cool place inside. The food was a mixed bag - while none of it was bad - and some of us really liked pieces of it - it wasn't amazing throughout. The service was good but maybe a bit much. I think they're just eager to get a good start. I'm sure we'll be back for lunch again.

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  1. Sounds interesting. So many new places to try in Cincinnati lately - which is a good thing!