Whole Lotta Trotta!

Well my husband came in 3rd in the NCAA pool at my job - THIRD. He lost by 2 points. TWO. And while that sucked...there's always a silver lining - right? Well this time - it wasn't a silver lining - it was a pizza lining! 

The coworker that won the pool was generous enough to take a portion of the winnings and treat the office to pizza! Yeah - and completely amazing West-sider pizza at that! Trotta's Pizza is a drive-thru beer cave that happens to have really great pizza too!

I'm serious - it's a drive thru liquor/beer cave with food! How fantastic is that?! It's definitely worth a trip to the west side for this pizza.

They have something called the "Lotta Trotta" which apparently is a giant freakin pizza.

And they have a great beer selection - this isn't just Budweiser and Hude - they have lots of great options!

But how about the pizza? Um yeah - it's awesome too. They have a greek pizza - that comes with little containers of FANTASTIC tzatziki! Um delicious. This was a great pizza - the crust is thick and fluffy - the toppings are plentiful and the flavor - spot on.

Our other pizza was Tim's own favorite: sausage, spinach, pepperoni and banana peppers. He said it - the sausage is the key - this is not your average rabbit dropping balls of sausage - this is delicious, REAL italian sausage! While I jumped at the Greek pizza - I came back for seconds and ended up drooling over this one.

Why Should You Go? This pizza is delicious! There's a nice amount of sauce with a great crust. The pizza is nice and thick and the cheese gets all crispy on the edges. I told Larry - we're making a stop on the way home through the west side for this one night very soon!

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  1. As a former West Sider, I remember Trotta's well! I'll have to remember to stop there when I get to that side of town again.

  2. Just got the Gyro pizza today!