Bolly Bears Review, Deal & Giveaway!

So this is a serious TREAT for all of you - I have a great deal that you can win OR buy for yourself!

There are some really cool Bears at Findlay Market - you may have heard of Bolly Bears, Sushi Bears or Basil Bears - well they are all courtesy of Chef Dan and his magical ethnic food! You can get some of their food at the market but you can also take cooking classes in any of their specialties from Chef Dan & his crew!

They're opening up a full-time new space on the outside of Findlay at 124 West Elder St. I love the bright colors!

My friend Leah and I decided to take the Indian class - we were going to learn the base yellow curry and then learn how to make tikki masala and saag from that base. 

Chef Erin was fantastic! She had us all introduce ourselves and give us the agenda for the afternoon.

I think the most fun to me was that we got to participate. Erin had a lot of prep items that she delegated to us - I much prefer the hands-on type of classes.

Another interesting thing was learning how close Thai & Indian are - this ingredient is the difference between making our base into a Thai dish (instead of Indian seasonings that we added).

All along the way - Erin was giving us tips & tricks as well as dropping some knowledge on us. For example - when you buy curry powder at Kroger for example - you're getting a mix of 3 ingredients (tumeric, cumin and paprika) but the traditional seasoning mix that Indian restaurants use has 10 spices! No wonder it tastes different! Bolly Bears has a seasoning mix they sell - I bought a tub for $10 - I figure it's cheaper than buying all 10 spices myself. They said if you making Indian less than once/week - the spice mix they sell is a better deal.

What's that you say? Why a big ol' pot of curry! Ready for us to add and shift and make into 3 dishes!

This was the base for everything - add spinach and you have saag - add tomato paste and you have tikki masala. What the what? Yeah!

We also had a feats of strength contest among the men - yes - who would be the strongest man at squeezing water out of spinach? This guy!

Leah then had to stir all that spinach into the curry!

Saag anyone?

Erin also added some ingredients and made Tikki Masala and then it was eatin' time! 

So - left to right - we made: yellow curry, tikki masala and curry saag. There are also two kinds of saag you see there - the top is "fresh" and the bottom has been stewed much longer. The longer you cook, the darker and deeper the color and flavor gets. You can tell looking at the masala - it was only cooked for a few minutes - rather than the 2-3 hours it should be. It's understandable - you can only do so much in a 2 hour class!

We had a great time at the class and came away with some tasty Indian food. Bolly Bears has a couple of great offers for you!

From May 1-6 they have a Groupon where you get a class for 2 for just $49 ($50 savings!!) You definitely want to snatch this deal up!

(Update - the deal will be available later in the month of May 2013 at the same link listed above.) 

Also - they're giving away one couples class right here on Food Hussy! Be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the page.

And - if you have any question on the class schedule - just call Shelly at 513-608-3980!

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  2. I've heard about these classes and have been dying to try one out! Would love to learn to cook Indian with more success than I have now. It's just never as good as the take out!

  3. So glad I came across this post about the Bears at Findlay Market! Sounded really yummy from your review, do my mom and I went down there today to try them out. We got Masala, sushi, and bubble tea- we loved it and will be going back often. Thanks again for sharing this awesome place!

  4. Good to hear that you had a good experience there... not so much for me! We went awhile back and it was at the Findlay Market location and it was soooo small, barely any room to do anything. We were all seated at a tall counter with barely any space to cut veggies etc. I guess I was expecting to be in a giant kitchen and doing much more hands on stuff than chopping veggies and stirring. And we had a different Chef teaching us. I wouldn't have recommended it based on our experience but looks like you had a good time + they are now in a bigger space so I'm sure that helps!