Duke's Small Batch Smoked Meats Review & Giveaway

I love how social media brings people together - I've been following Bianca for a couple of years now after her self-promotion to get a job in social media with a certain burrito chain. While that didn't work out exactly as she planned - she did get her job in social media. Now - she contacted me to spread the word about her company!

Bianca works for Duke's Small Batch Smoked Meats and wanted me to try some of their small batch jerky!

I was super excited to try this out as Larry & I both like to gnaw on some jerky now and then. Sometimes though, it's too peppery or too leathery - so we were excited to see what Duke's would have to offer!

We were sent full size samples of the sweet bbq braised pork, honey bourbon beef and smoked sausages. It's pretty interesting - they have 11 flavors and this was a good variety to start with.

The packaging for this was also really great - everything I saw was telling me a bit more about Duke's. It's a great presentation and would also make a nice gift for the meat-lover in your life.

My favorite was the Sweet Bar-B-Q Braised Pork Strips. It had a nice BBQ flavor and the pieces were thick and not leathery - you could bite and chew without being in danger of breaking a tooth!  I liked this one a lot! You'll also have to check the Jerky & Beer Pairings page and find out what goes best with each kind of jerky!

Larry's favorite was the Honey Bourbon Beef Jerky - it definitely had a strong bourbon flavor. I thought it was a little too strong. But the meat itself had a decent texture.

Now maybe you want to make your own small batch jerky - they can even help you out - then you can see how it compares to Duke's own!

Last up were the Original "Shorty" Smoked Sausages and these were good - not the favorite of either of us. If you're only comparison were to a Slim Jim - those Slimmies don't have a leg to stand on. There are not greasy and have a lot more flavor. 

One of the things I like most about Duke's Jerky is that you can pronounce all the ingredients! They also make everything in small batches - this is no big assembly line of jerky and you can taste the difference. 

And now for the best part - one of you gets to try Duke's for yourself! 

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  1. The Island Teriyaki Beef Jerky sounds awesome.

  2. Roasted Cayenne Beef Jerky sounds really good.

  3. Honey Bourbon Beef Jerky sounds great.
    Sadie B

  4. Island teriyaki looks awesome!!

  5. All of them! But particularly their Duke’s Honey Bourbon Beef Jerky :)

  6. I think I'd like to try Duke’s Roasted Cayenne Beef Jerky -- I like hot stuff!
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