Findlay Taste the World Tour Giveaway!

Findlay Market is one of those places that can be a little intimidating if you've never been before! 

I know I was nervous when I went the first time - I was lost and had to ask for directions and turns out I was about 20 feet away. Oye! That said - if you're one of those folks that hasn't been because you don't know what to expect - have got something for you?! 

Barb Cooper from Daisy Mae's Market has started the Taste the World Cincinnati Food Tour! For just $20 you get a full guided world tour of Findlay with stops at 4-5 merchants and snacks/drinks along the way.

You start at Daisy Mae's Market (on the end of Findlay) and you have a little time to check it out before the tour starts. They offer fresh fruits & veggies as well as a wide array of locally made jams & jellies.

Barb is so easy to spot on the tour - with her giant flower hat - it really helps as you're trying to stay with a large group.

She also shared a bit of her homemade strawberry/mango salsa with us. I was really surprised - I would never pair onion with strawberry and mango with onion - but it was great!

The market is pretty packed on the weekends - but did you know it's open 6 days/week? Yup - only closed on Monday. There are permanent vendors inside and around the perimeter and then tents and temporary vendors on the weekends.

First up for us was the Bean Haus - which I normally think of as just coffee - but they also make a TON of breads! So you know - Bean Haus is on the inside of the market.

We tried their Pepperoni Focaccia and it was tasty - it's basically a pizza with no sauce. This would have been a little better if we'd had a drink to go with it - so I would recommend bringing a soda or bottle of water when you go. The bread had a good flavor though and it's pretty amazing how much bread they make in such a small kitchen! 

Next up was the S&J Bakery on the outer perimeter in a regular storefront. It definitely had a lot of tasty treats inside. It looked delicious! Everything is local and they have sandwiches, soups and salads too - everything is made in-house. They also have a farm a block away that they have planted and use the crops from that on their menu.

But for us - we got a taste of their bakery side with a little cup of chocolate mousse!

Waiting inside was a blueberry surprise! This little treat was so tasty and rich. I really enjoyed it and would recommend S&J to anybody looking for a bakery.

Besides the food and craft vendors - you'll find musicians of all kinds copping a squat around the market - maybe even an accordian-playing teenager!

One of Cincinnati's new favorites - Eli's BBQ has set up a tent on the weekend serving up pulled pork to the masses. I've had Eli's many times - but was definitely open to another taste.

We had an open-faced pulled pork sandwich with their cole slaw and sauce. Very tasty as usual. This also was the heartiest food offering of the day. Their pork is juicy and full of smoky flavor - it's good stuff. (I still love the hot dogs.)

The next stop was another bricks & mortar store on the perimeter - Churchill's Fine Teas. It's the same Churchill's that used to be downtown in the mall.

They have every kind of tea that you could imagine along with all any tea-related item you would need.

We had a sample cup of hot tea which I didn't like. But I don't like tea and don't like hot drinks - so don't take my word for it. If you're a tea fan - you should check it out.

Our last stop was Taste of Belgium inside Findlay. The owner is very passionate about the business and was telling us all about the specials and the items they make.

We did get a bite of the waffle as well - although it was the same sample that they were giving out to everybody else not in the tour.

Barb is another selling point in herself - she's so knowledgeable about Findlay, the history and all of the shops - she's a great business owner and tour guide.

You can also choose to add a wine flight or a couple of beers to your tour for an extra $5 (the tour itself is $20). Market Wines is on the perimeter of Findlay as well.

And let me just say it was PACKED inside. The wines were a couple of white and a couple of red - I'm not much of a wine drinker but I'm sure if you were - you'd enjoy it.

So that was my Taste of the World Tour at Findlay - I'd say - overall for $20 it's a good value. You get a little food, a little history and a little comfort with the market. If you're a regular to Findlay - it's probably a little basic for you - but if you haven't visited before or know someone that you think might like it - it's a great gift as well.

Now - I'm going to give you a chance to win two tour tickets for yourself! And if you're a Findlay vet - give them to a friend and introduce them to the tour! The fun thing is that the tour is different every time - she has a variety of vendors that participate on different days. Enter below and you could win!

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