McCauly's Pub in Sharonville

It's great when you find yourself in a strange part of town - with nothing to fill the emptiness in your belly but an Urbanspoon app! There I was in a back part of Sharonville to see a community theater production in a retirement home and I needed food first! 

Low and behold - McCauley's Pub with a 93% approval rating!

It's a true "bar & grill" with a large bar surrounded by tvs and tables/booths...

My friend got chicken strips and I'll tell you - she could very well be THE PICKIEST PERSON on the planet - she may not eat a baked potato because it's too glassy. (I don't even know what that is - but she does!) Well - she ate these chicken strips - so that says a lot! I tried a bite and they were good - crispy but not oily.

I decided to go for their admitted specialty - PIZZA!

If you can't tell - it was REALLY REALLY CHEESY. Seriously - that's a lotta cheese! I think I got a supreme of sorts. It was a good pizza - not amazing - but good. The crust was very thick and fluffy to hold together all of that cheese. I did like it but probably not enough to find it again. But if you're in the neighborhood - it would definitely be a regular spot.

Why Should You Go? If you're in the area - it's worth it. Service is hit or miss - the girls are nice but not really attentive unless you're at the bar.

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