Reuben-Central in Blue Ash

A lot of times, the food blogger in the house is the uber-planner - that knows days or weeks in advance when we're going to a new place. Other times - we're just out and about and decide - hey let's go there!

Rascals NY Deli in Blue Ash served up the latter. We were in Blue Ash to drop a video game off and were hungry - I remember hearing about Rascals when it opened so off we went!

The owner found out it was our first time there and brought us a bowl of his Sweet & Sour Cabbage soup. You can definitely see a lot of oil in the soup - but it also had so much flavor! It was a deep rich beefy vegetable soup that you could tell had been simmering for hours. So delicious!

I have a love for Reubens so I had to try one - they are pricey at $10.75 - but when you're in a NY deli you gotta do it. I really enjoyed it - the pastrami was juicy and tasty and the rye had a lot of flavor. Larry thought the sandwich was too greasy. The potato latke was okay - probably more traditional - but I still love Izzy's.

I think the other thing to note is the variety - they have so many kinds of Reubens! Whether you like turkey, brisket or heck - how about two potato latkes instead of rye - they have a Reuben for you.

I was hungry for dessert that night - so I took home a piece of cheesecake. It was pretty good - not extraordinary - but I liked it.

If you've got a Reuben lover in your life but you don't love it as much - Rascals also has a wide variety of other items like salads, sandwiches and they even serve breakfast.

Why Should You Go? If you're looking for some authentic NY deli things like a black & white cookie or Matzoh Ball soup - then you need to go. I really enjoyed the Reuben as well.

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