Spring has Sprung at Noodles & Company with Asparagus!

So excited whenever my friends at Noodles & Company holler my way - my mouth starts to water for sure...this time it was to announce new Spring dishes

They have 3 spring asparagus dishes - two appetizers and one noodle entree - I was excited! So I grabbed a couple of friends and headed out.

They have the Coca Cola Freestyle and Maria got to try it for the first time! Of course not as exciting since it took her 2 minutes to figure out how to get water out of it! :-)

First up was the Asparagus Stack: fresh asparagus, feta, bacon and a wedge of lemon. We all liked this a lot - but it's a little hard to eat because the asparagus isn't exactly a good "scoop". The bacon and feta went very nicely with the asparagus. This is served room temperature-cool but the spears are likely blanched. They were very crisp. 

Next up was Springtime Flatbread: crispy flatbread topped with asparagus, mushrooms, bacon and melted parmesan cheese. This was really great - better than the stack for me. Although the feta had a great salty twang - this was meltier and delish. I was so surprised by the mushrooms and they were a great add - they really made the dish for me.

Lastly was the entree - Garden Pesto Saute - they actually brought this to us in two versions - Gluten-free and Regular. The regular is served with penne and topped with asparagus, pesto, spinach, red peppers, mushrooms, onions, pecans and feta. This was delicious! I'm really finding that my favorite pasta dishes at Noodles are the vegetarian ones (or maybe shrimp). The vegetables they use are really delicious! There was enough "sauce" and cheese that it wasn't bland. I will DEFINITELY be back this spring to have this again!

And for my gluten-free friends (Beth - this is for you) - the gluten-free fusilli is just as delicious as the regular. The fusilli is a little chewier but if you didn't know it and weren't looking for a difference - you'd never know.

So there you have it - Spring has Sprung at Noodles & Company and you get to reap the rewards with three new spring dishes featuring our green stalky friend asparagus! Hope you try them and like them and keep an eye on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thefoodhussy) for a chance to win a pair of bowls for yourself!

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