The Taco District: Tacocracy

You know how certain parts of town have their specialties - Reading is the wedding district, OTR is the hip bar scene district and apparently Northside is the taco district. There are now 3 taco places within 2 blocks of each other. 

I decided to visit Tacocracy - it was really a coin flip and my coworker thought it was a better name than Django. It's right on Hamilton across the street from Honey.

The menu is on the wall and they have quite a few different options beyond your normal beef or chicken. Mushrooms, duck and even an "I Hate Tofu" which is supposed to change your mind about the spongy soy substance!

After you order at the counter you find a seat...

...there are a few up front (by a giant kitty!) or you can head to the back room and patio.

As you walk through to the back - suddenly - you're in a thrift shop! My coworker said "I never knew you could eat in a Goodwill?!" Apparently you can.

I even found something sparkly and pink! 

The back patio is pretty cool with an album-covered pergola! It was still a little cool for outside eating so we were inside.

And our meals - I got mushroom medley ($4) and korean beef ($4). The mushroom was by far my favorite of the two - mainly because the beef was very dry. The korean also had a pineapple salsa and most of us that had this one just didn't feel like the fruit puree was a great match. The mushroom was good but probably not a favorite.

Here's a shot of another coworkers tacos - we all had basically the same thought - everything was okay but not really great. The chips also were most likely whole grain but dry and lacked flavor. The salsas weren't much assistance in this area.

Why Should You Go? While I think the taco craze is a fun one - I don't know that Tacocracy has the right stuf. Head to Bakersfield OTR.

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