What's sweeter? A baby animal or a cupcake? You Decide.

So I'm hanging out downtown - taking a stroll with my husband at Sawyer Point and boom - there's a bunch of animals, vendors and music! It was an Earth Day party - pretty cool to stumble upon!

These alpacas from New Richmond had just recently had a hair cut! 

But then...I got a little distracted...


SugarSnap Cupcake Truck was happy serving sweets to everyone that approached and when I approached - they said "Hey Food Hussy!" - that's always fun. :-)

OMG - so many flavors - what was going to get me? Oreo, caramel, reese cup? 

 Nope - Wedding Cake! I'm a sucker for wedding cake - it's so damn tasty! That and graduation cake. I think it's so good because you can't get it except when you're invited. This was a really good cupcake - the frosting was so sugary and delightful and the cake was nice and moist.

And after stuffing my face with sugar - I found something even sweeter - a baby lamb from Sunrock Farms! How can you not snuggle that face?!

Cupcakes are always pretty damn good - and I have to say - I like these a lot and would definitely get again. Yum in Oakley is still holding my top spot - but I think I'll have to do more taste tests to be sure. 

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