Who wants to not buy laundry soap for 12 months?! #Giveaway!

So I'm always interested in convenience and money savings - I mean - who isn't?! 

The great folks at Oransi asked me to try their Washing Ball. What's a washing ball you ask? Well - it's a plastic ball that you put beads in and throw in your washing machine. Then 3 months later, you change the beads! One box ($32.95) lasts ALL YEAR LONG! 

Yeah did you hear that?! $33 for one year of laundry! Um - interested yet? I thought so... I had just run out of my DIY Laundry Soap so the timing couldn't have been better! 

The box looks simple enough - some instructions - some French - worth a try!

And there it is - all that magic in a little blue & white ball. 

We've been using this for a few weeks and I can't tell the difference. Our clothes are clean and they smell good - and really that's what matters. This couldn't be easier - especially since my husband does the laundry in our house! No worries about how much he's using or if he put it in the right cup - just leave the ball in - take the clothes out and go! 

I will definitely get the refill packs for this NEXT SUMMER - nice to know I don't have to think about that expense for a whole year! 

Oransi is the parent company behind Robby Ball and they also have air purifiers and ionic deodorizers. They're providing me a Robby Ball to give to one of you! Enjoy!

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