Chicago Conference Time: Joe's Seafood!

Recently I was at a conference in Chicago and as the Food Hussy - everybody in my crew looked to me for where we were going to dinner. So during breaks I was feverishly Urbanspooning my butt off trying to find good food, good rating and availability. Oh yeah - there was a giant restaurant conference in town too. #grrr 

Luckily - I had success with Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab - um long name anyone? Luckily the website is nice and simple - 88% approval, we could walk there and they had an opening - SOLD!

It definitely looks like an iconic spot - on a large corner with a huge photo - we were looking forward to heading in and relaxing with some adult beverages and excellent seafood!

First up a bread basket - I wasn't using my belly space on bread - but it did look good! I did have a margarita before dinner too - it was really good!

The guys wanted Calamari ($13.95) - so we got calamari. I'm not much of a fan - really it's the tentacles that I can't stand. The rings are fine - but never really seem that amazing. That said - I tried the rings and they were good.

Then we hit the holy grail - I ordered the special - a bone-in grilled halibut. There are no words for how good this fish was. It was flaky, meaty, light, succulent, buttery, refreshing - oye - seriously - if you go to Joe's - ask for this. I hope they have it. WOW. 

It is one of the "sides are separate" - so I ordered some 4-cheese Mac & Cheese ($9.95) for the table and it did not disappoint. This was probably the best restaurant mac & cheese I have ever had. It was creamy and cheesy and the pasta still had a bite to it. We polished off this bowl - no question!

Pretty sure this is the Seared Ahi Tuna ($33.95) - it was a hit as well. All three of us really loved our choices. The guys made fun of me for not finishing my amazing halibut but it was HUGE! 

And here's a shot of my coworker Matt & I. I had to share cuz honestly - I think I rarely take a good photo - and this one is so cute!!! I'm so happy and tan and full! 

Why Should You Go? We had a delightful meal. We were all torn between steak and seafood but in Ohio - we have a lot of good steak - so we really went for the seafood and it did not disappoint. I'm a big fan of crab and it's even in the name - but when I asked the server if I should get stone crab or the halibut - he didn't even bat an eye with his halibut reco. If any seafood lover was heading to Chicago - I'd highly recommend Joe's!

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