Chicago Restaurant Review: Piccolo Sogno Due (fancy Italian)

Hanging out in Chicago for a few days is definitely fun - especially when work is picking up the check! 

On a recent trip - we headed to Piccolo Sogno Due - which is (not surprisingly) the second restaurant from Piccolo in downtown Chicago. It's just a few blocks away and is just as beautiful.

Warm wood, windows, flowers and crisp white linens surround you. 

MARE  15
Wood roasted prawns, calamari, octopus, clams, mussels, wood roasted, citrus oil, arugula
As I mentioned earlier - I'm not a fan of tenticles - but the boys again wanted to get calamari. This one had the added bonus of octopus - greaaaaaaat. I tried a few bites of the rings and it was fine but not quite as good as what we had at Joe's.

Shaved baby artichokes, lemon oil, arugula, parmesan
The service was excellent - our server knew everything about everything on the menu - and had a bit of sass that only a Food Hussy could appreciate. She recommended the artichoke salad - a couple of us tried it - and well - it was fine. It's very lemony and really tasted more like lettuce than artichoke - I wouldn't get it again.

We were seated outside on a covered patio - until it started raining. We kept getting caught in the rain and this night was no different. It was fine at first but then the storm came in sideways and we had to move inside. :-(

Long flat pasta, spiced wild boar ragu
I went for the Pappardelle with fresh pasta and a wild boar ragu - unfortunately didn't love this either. I was hoping for a ragu like I'd had before but the wild boar was more like dry hamburger rather than moist tender meat. The sauce was also grainy and the pasta a little overcooked. 

Artichoke and ricotta filled pasta, spring onions, English peas, bay scallops
Matt got the ravioli per the reco of our client who'd had it the night before at the original Piccolo. He absolutely loved this dish and said that Mindy did not steer him in the wrong direction here. I was wishing that's what I had ordered. I did try a bite and the ravioli was nice and firm and the brown butter sauce was a great match to the light ingredients.  

Why Should You Go? Well - I enjoyed Joe's Seafood much more but if you're looking for Italian - it's not a bad option. The outside patio is beautiful and very cozy.

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