Food Hussy Giveaway: First Watch Spring Items!

The folks at First Watch invited me to stop in and try their new spring menu items - they're only available for another week though - so head over and try them out this week! Come June 30, they might be gone! 

First up - Smoked Salmon & Spring Chive Scramble - scrambled eggs with smoked salmon & chive cream cheese. It's served with dressed greens and a ciabatta bun. ($8.59)

This tastes a LOT better than it looks - when it first came - Lauren and I were a little skeptical but she really likes smoked salmon. Once she tasted it - she was sold! She did let me take a bite and it was great - very warm and comforting. Definitely a great lunch!

Next up was the Toasted Turkey Artichoke Sandwich - creamy artichoke spread, sliced turkey with provolone, baby spinach and lemon vinaigrette. I got this with a cup of clam chowder instead of salad. ($7.89).

This was extremely creamy and almost like a tuna melt - I didn't think it would be this warm and melty. I liked this sandwich a lot and would definitely get it again. The clam chowder was just okay - not a lot of depth and tasted like canned soup. Back to the sandwich - did you know an artichoke was a flower?! Neither did I!

They also have a Quinoa Power Bowl - it's got grains, veggies and a chicken breast. ($8.29) I'm not a big fan of whole grains so I didn't try this one...but they are good for you!

Now - I've got something great for you - a giveaway! The folks at First Watch sent me a card good for  Breakfast/Lunch/Brunch for 2. Enter below and you could win! I've had some great giveaways up to this point and don't want to brag - but there's some good stuff coming too! 

And while you're waiting to win - stop into First Watch this week and try those Spring specials before they're gone! 

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