Lime Fresh Mexican Grill + Giveaway!

There's a new fast casual burrito/taco place in town called Lime - Fresh Mexican Grill. There are two in Cincinnati: Rookwood & Clifton. 

Lime started in Miami and then after a few years in business - they were purchased by Ruby Tuesday. But the folks at RT are trying to keep all the fun and specialty that Lime started with!

They also have a "few" sauces that you can try on your order. Grab a bottle - take it to your table - try away!
There are 22 Lime Mexican Grills in the US and they all have a really fun, festive atmosphere!

They have 9 salsas that are all made fresh every day in every restaurant. That's pretty impressive in my book. My friend Lauren already knew she had to bring her husband because he's a bit obsessed with trying salsas.

The other thing I like is that they have no microwaves and no freezers. Now that may not seem like much - but for a restaurant these days - it seems like a LOT of things get nuked rather actually cooked - so it's cool to have someone saying up front - "No no no - not in my house!"

The inside has quite a few high tops in one room and then booths in the other room. The music is pretty loud and fun - very energetic.

And now - for Lauren and I - the onslaught of food was about to begin. It's really ridiculous...

First up was their queso dip - which is made with their asada salsa and is served with chips. The chips don't have that tart lime juice that Chipotle has but they're good. The queso is awesome! It's much more like someone made it with real cheese rather than Velveeta. We both loved it and at the whole thing!

Here is a try of all their salsas - I can't remember them all - but a few highlights:

  • asada - black charred, most popular, also in queso
  • pineapple another favorite (I really liked this)
  • habanero is always a diff color depending on peppers and day - same flavor though (orange in middle)
Next up was a trio of tacos: fish, steak and a "double decker". As well as making their salsas, Lime also makes all of their dressings in house daily as well.

Lauren had the fish taco and said it was okay but the sauce was a bit overwhelming and she'd like to have an unbreaded option if possible (I agree).

We split the steak and it was fine. The double-decker was good and a novel idea that you've likely seen/had before at Taco Bell.

We got to try their Fajitas as well - steak & chicken. The steak was really great - we both appreciated that it was cooked medium (you can even see the pink from here). Most places serve it more well done - and it was tender. Good stuff. I wasn't as much a fan of the chicken - it didn't have a ton of flavor. We both also liked that fajitas were even an option - pretty cool!

The quesadilla they brought us had beans, bacon and ground beef and came with salsa and sour cream. I liked this a lot as well - I could definitely see myself getting the quesadilla again.

Next up was Lauren's favorite - the giant salad! It was really big! She was picking at this the entire lunch and still didn't even make a dent in it. They have four different dressings and five different salad options!
Of course they have burritos - this was the queso chicken burrito. We cut it in half to show you the insides and to share it. It was pretty good - the queso is a nice addition - but probably not my favorite thing for the day.

Yeah - when I said we had a lot of food - I wasn't kidding. Look at all this! We had Lime leftovers for like 3 days each!!!

Then after all that - they brought out dessert! Seriously - what were we supposed to do with that? Try it anyway - duh! On top were sopapillas served with agave syrup, to the right Key Lime Pie and then the bottom left - cinnamon chips with whipped cream. All three of these are absolutely delicious!!! The sopapillas were soft and fluffy, the key lime was tart but sweet and the chips were crisp and sweet! Bottom line - save room for dessert!

Why Should You Go? If you're a fan of the fast casual mexican - then it's definitely a good option. The thing we liked is that there's just a lot more to choose from. The queso was probably my favorite - with the dessert close behind. Quesadillas are always great too and Lauren was raving over the salad. Plus the steak was great too!

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Now you can try it for free! I have a gift card to giveaway and there are multiple ways to enter!

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  1. I've driven past Lime but have yet to give it a try.

  2. Nope - but looking forward to trying it.

  3. Never heard of them until today, but always looking for new places. I love all the options they have!

  4. Never heard of it but it looks awesome!

  5. Yes, I've seen the new one in Rookwood, and the one in Clifton! Everytime I drive past it in Rookwood I am tempted to try it :)

  6. I haven't heard about it until I read your post, let me tell you did a fantastic review because my mouth is watering with all those great pics you took, I went to their website to check for a location close to me and even though I could not find one I did find one in Orlando, we have an upcoming trip there so we'll eating at Lime Fresh soon.
    Leidy R in rafflecopter

  7. I had never heard of them before this post! Looks YUMMY though, might have to try them out sometime.

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