Mt Adams Pavilion & a Giveaway!

First I just have to say - are these not the cutest faces - ever?! 

What's this have to do with food? Nothing - but I was hanging out with them before I went out to dinner and they were too cute not too take pictures!

The nice folks at 4EG contacted me about giving the Mt Adams Pavilion a try. It's one of those places we all know about but don't really think about it as a destination for food. It's more one of those places college boys get hammered at - am I right? 

We sat upstairs on one of the decks - this was looking down on one of the bar areas. We were there pretty early for a Saturday night and a band was setting up. It's a really pretty bar and they've done a lot of remodeling.

And yeah - not a bad view at all. It was such a nice afternoon and the view is just spectacular! 

We decided to have a couple of cocktails first - Larry went for a Killians while I tried a "Deck's" Lemonade. I guess you have to drink it on the deck! It has Blue Curaco, Vodka, Sweet & Sour and Lemon/Lime Soda. For me it was too strong - I would have cut the vodka in half and double the soda. But I whole-heartedly admit I'm a complete lightweight.

We started with some chips & queso ($6.95) - it's a thick white cheese sauce. It was okay - I'm a big fan of queso - so of course I ate it!

Larry went for the pulled pork sliders - 4 sliders ($8.95). He did have them without the cole slaw. I tried a bite and they were pretty good. The sauce is sweet and the pork is tender. I liked the buns also - they were soft and the seeds added some nice flavor.

They also have a "Grilled Grub" menu where you can get different sets of toppings on your choice of a beef burger, black bean burger, turkey burger or grilled chicken breast ($8.95). I went for the Don Corleone on Chicken - which was two mozzarella sticks, marinara, lettuce, onion, parmesan cheese & Italian seasoning. For my side - I chose tater tots! Who doesn't love tater tots?!

The sandwich was fine - nothing amazing and it was a bit hard to eat. I think the mozz sticks were a little cold which didn't help matters. It wasn't bad by any means but probably not something I would order again. The tater tots were really great and they gave you a TON of them!

Why Should You Go? So everything wasn't perfect at the Pavilion but it's definitely got a great view. The food is fine for bar food and the service is great! Our waitress was excellent! The menu has a lot of options and you can get Keystone's Mac & Cheese Bites! They were also kind enough to provide me a gift card for you! Check out the giveaway at the bottom...

After dinner - we headed out to see Hangover 3 on it's opening weekend. Loved it! Better than the 2nd, not as good as the 1st. If you haven't gone yet - check it out - and be sure to stay after the credits. OMG

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  1. I too have never eaten at the Pavilion, but the food looks pretty good. I'd give it a try.

  2. No I have not been to the Pavillion for dinner

  3. Not in a super long time. Would love to check them out again. :)

  4. Never, in fact, I've only been to Mt. Adams a couple times. Not sure why we don't go more often.

    On a side note, the critter pictures are cute!

  5. I've been there for the party, but never for the food.
    My brother is coming to visit in a couple of weeks so this would be a great place (and gift)!!