Salad for Lunch? Squirrel it is!

This past week I wanted a salad for lunch and after listing off a dozen places - my coworker chose the Squirrel just off 4th & Walnut. I know their specialty is double deckers but I seemed to remember salads on the menu as well - so why not?! (They also have Empress Chili.) 

They used to be affiliated with the Red Squirrel but for the last couple of years have dropped the "Red". It's a pleasant lunch atmosphere with lots of booths and a very friendly staff. You can imagine there are quite the hijinks with this crew - they're very friendly and have some sass. You can pretty much seat yourself and get helped very quickly!

I went for the Cobb Salad ($6.75) really because my coworker got the same thing. I was totally going to cave and get a Chicken Salad and bacon double decker!

The Cobb Salad was really good - the chicken was tender and not dry, the bacon crispy and the ranch homemade. While it was homemade - it wasn't really thick like I like it - but still good. I think the salad was a little small - but for under $7 - full of toppings. It's one of those things - I think we've been programmed to expect BIG - but really this was the perfect amount for lunch and any more would have left me too full.

Why Should You Go? The rating on Urbanspoon isn't that great - but I have never had anything but quality food, served quickly by a friendly face. I like the Squirrel and will definitely go back! Next time - I might have to cave and get that chicken salad double decker. Also - if you're one that works downtown - they deliver over $30 - so think of them for your next working lunch!

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