Food Hussy Restaurant Review: buona terra in Mt Lookout (gelato & crepes)

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Well - right now - the most talked about place in town is buona terra in Mt Lookout - at least according to Urbanspoon

 It's a new crepe & gelato place in Mt Lookout Square - it's where Raymundo's Tailor Shop was. They're going to be adding baked goods as well. They have a special crepe in addition to their regular menu which you can find on Facebook.

One of the folks behind the shop is from Belgium - so the crepes come from his area of expertise. The shop is really cleanly decorated and has interesting photos from the renovations. 

And we got to meet Amanda - one of the crepe-makers! She graduated from Cincinnati State's culinary school. They have two bases - an egg for the dessert crepes and a buckwheat for the savory.

The Tea Time ($5) had seasonal berries, pastry creme and powdered sugar. It was a really nice start to the crepes. It was fruity and creamy.

Next up was the Greco - which I was REALLY looking forward to - it's basically the same as the Red Goat at It's Just Crepes. The Greco has Spinach, Tomato, Goat Cheese and Balsamic Glaze ($7). This was my favorite of the savory crepes for sure. The buckwheat base makes it a lot heartier and they sure are beautiful. 

My friend Danielle enjoyed The Spartan with turkey, gorgonzola and aioli ($7). I'm not a big fan of Gorgonzola - a little too strong for me - but I did like it. I wouldn't order it - but it was tasty enough. Danielle though - loved it!

They also brought out their Belgian Breakfast with Nutella, banana and powdered sugar ($5). I don't like Nutella or bananas so this was a no-go for me. I tried it but, as I suspected, did not like. I'm sure it's one of their more popular ones - I'm just a non-Nutella girl!

And then my favorite crepe was a shocker!!!! The French Summer ($5) had lemon curd, lavender sugar and whipped cream. Let me tell you this was AMAZING!!!! Danielle and I practically licked the plate clean on this one! It was sweet but not overwhelming and the lemon curd was perfection! When you go - trust me - get this one! Wow! 

The crepes are only half the story at buona terra - they also have GELATO! They took classes to learn how to make this gelato and they taught them well! Gelato has more milk instead of cream and has less air fluffed into it making it more dense than ice cream and this was spot on.

Yowza - where to begin?!

We tried a lot of gelato - my favorite ended up being a combo of chocolate and almond. It was DELICIOUS. So creamy and rich - heavenly stuff! 

Did I mention that we ate a LOT of gelato? 

 Yeah - every staff member had us try their two favorites. Danielle and I had to roll ourselves up Delta Ave to get back to the car! We definitely did not finish all of them!

As we left - one of the crepe makers shared her baked goods with us as well - these will be added to the menu in the future as well. 

Why Should You Go? It's a welcome addition to the Mt Lookout Square bevy of food offerings. UDF is there now serving up ice cream - but this is on a different level. I can definitely imagine stopping in on a Sunday morning for a crepe or a lazy Saturday afternoon for some of that amazing gelato. Good job guys and good luck!

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