Food Hussy Restaurant Review: Senate (gourmet hot dogs)

Did you get enough hot dogs for the holiday? Well here are a couple more just in case you didn't...

My husband and I went on a tour in OTR and after decided to grab a bite to eat. We wandered a bit - didn't feel like pizza, Larry can't have waffles, you know how it is. Then we came upon the Senate and both decided gourmet hot dogs seemed like a winner. 

Senate has a pretty decent beer selection and Larry was more than excited to find out they had the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale on tap. I will admit - this is a fairly unique beer - it has a strong bourbon taste (from being aged in Bourbon barrels) and tastes completely different on tap than it does in the bottle! Bottles by the way are $12 a 4-pack! Yeah - it's a sipping beer. 

Larry tried the Trailer Park dog (bacon wrapped beef dog, american cheese, coleslaw, crushed grippos on a brioche bun - $10). This was somewhat a sign of things to come - the bun had eggs which Larry figured out after one bite. He pulled the dog off the bun but it was really salty (not just because of the chips) and he wasn't such a fan.

I went for the Lindsay Lohan (all beef hot dog, goat cheese, carmelized onions, bacon, arugula & balsamic - $10). And sadly - I didn't love mine either. I just think I'm programmed to like ketchup on a hot dog. I love goat cheese and bacon but just didn't love it on the hot dog.

Why Should You Go? Well it's got an 88% approval rating but it's just not my cup of tea. I'll head to Bakersfield any day.

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