Food Hussy Road Trip: Carriage Hill Homearama

Homearama is back this year in Cincinnati and it's doing really well - this is the first year EVER that all the homes are already sold! The homes in West Chester range from $750K-$1.3 million - just a titch out of our price range. ;-)

Nonetheless - it's always fun to go through the homes and see what the latest and greatest has to offer! 

Carriage Hill in Liberty Township is beautiful! It's right off 747 but is tucked away behind older homes. You wind around through beautiful mature trees and come to the Carriage House.

The landscaping throughout is very pretty and was done by multiple companies. I love the bountiful blooming petunias!

WOW - the window box people were also there in full force. They were throughout the exhibits as well as the homes.

Before you go through the homes there's a large exhibitor area with folks offering services like Gutter Shutter, Amish cabinets and Egyptian sheets. We have a rental house - so don't really need any of those services but if you're in the market - there's a lot of helpful folks there for you.

The homes though are obviously the real show...and off we went! I'm going to focus on the fun finds for the kitchens since we're all food fans here!

This was probably my favorite of the stove/backsplashes - there was this stone alcove with a really great gas stove. There was even a faucet built into the backsplash to fill big pots of water with! It was very eye-catching to be sure!

There were other things that were fun to find as well in these homes. In a closet of a room for a young boy - we found this giant shark coming out of the wall!

And in a basement - we found a custom guitar table. I can definitely think of a few people that would love that.

The stove areas were the real stand out in these kitchens - lots of stone with giant professional stoves. Again - so beautiful!

One of the downstairs bar areas had the coolest shelving made out of galvanized pipes. This even carried through to a guest bedroom. I was digging that! It's really cool to see a unique use of something like pipes in these homes. This is one of those things that could easily become DIY in your house.

They also have food and drinks ranging from ice cream to beer - so don't worry if you're parched and about to pass out (like we were) - you can get something to cool you down or fill you up.

Also - the SPCA was there - and they had a few pups there to meet the throngs of people that were visiting. This beautiful girl was Pepper and she's available for adoption - I'd love to find out she got a home because of our efforts - so share away!

As is the case in a lot of these homes - they conceal the appliances with cabinets. My husband has worked for a custom cabinet maker and was inspecting all of these to the nines. They really were beautifully done.

One home had something that was pretty amazing - a basketball court. Yes - a freakin basketball court! Oh yeah and a giant screen tv above it. The "man caves" were pretty great - theater rooms, card tables and the basketball court. I can tell you - if we had this - I would never ever ever EVER see my husband. Hmmmmm - haha!

I liked this kitchen a lot because it was so bright and airy - gorgeous clean and WHITE! It wasn't hospital white - it had a bit of "aging" done with the paint/stain technique. So pretty!

And yes - checking those drawers for dovetails. As someone who had no idea previously - just making drawers is a heckuva job! There is so much craftsmanship and technique that goes into just making one drawer. These are not your average Home Depot or Ikea cabinets - these are beautiful pieces of furniture in their own right.

The back yards were also great - I have always loved a pergola. I just love the look of the structure - so pretty.

And for those who just need that extra something special - retractable screens for your outdoor rooms. (Seriously?!)

And what bar area would be complete without a kegerator?!

I really enjoyed going through this year's Homearama - except for the fact that it was hotter than Hades!  
Homearama is going on now through July 28th. It runs 7 days/week until 10pm and you can get discounted tickets at Kroger. Kids 12 & under are free - but be mindful - there is a lot of walking and breakable things throughout. (Not sure I would take kids - I would think they would be bored.)

I hope you can attend Homearama - look at some beautiful homes and take home some ideas to use for yourself! I didn't even get to talk about the beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms that we saw!

* I was provided two tickets to Homearama in exchange for writing this post. 

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