Liberte Yogurt Tasting with Chef Megan Ketover from Orchids

I have to say - it's really fun to walk in a room and see your name on a chalk board. I have no idea why - but it made me a bit giddy.

Liberte Yogurt is based out of Minneapolis (but started in Canada) and they have come to Cincinnati! Chef Megan Ketover from the Hilton Netherlands Plaza & Orchids at Palm Court was there to introduce Liberte Yogurt to a few of us bloggers! 

I warned Chef Megan and the folks from Liberte when we started - I don't like yogurt. I mean - I really really don't like yogurt. Then why did I come to a yogurt tasting? Well I figured if ANYBODY could make yogurt taste good - it would be the pastry chef from the #1 restaurant in Cincinnati - who was also on Top Chef. #AmIRight?

So knowing my lack of love for yogurt - they quickly decided to start me out with the Méditerranée version of the yogurt.

The Méditerranée, it is a "whole milk" yogurt rather than low-fat or no-fat yogurt. And with that - I loved it! There was none of that funky aftertaste that yogurt has. 

Megan whipped up this Dark Chocolate Candied Almond Crunch that featured the Méditerranée Coconut yogurt. (Recipe is on the link!)

This was delicious! The coconut yogurt is so sweet and creamy - I have seriously bought this every week since this tasting! (10 for $10 at Kroger) The chocolate and cherry are a perfect combo for the coconut yogurt. Megan definitely helped change my mind! 

Their yogurt is a "fruit on the bottom" - so don't forget to stir it! It tastes great on it's own - but the fruit at the bottom is a little potent once you get to the bottom! I loved every flavor but the peach passion fruit was definitely my favorite!

Megan was really helpful too! I was curious if the Med yogurt was still "healthy" since it's made with whole milk. Megan and the folks from Liberte explained that it does have a higher fat content than the Greek, which is made with strained, non-fat milk. However, the Med yogurt much less processed than a lot of other products out there. Also, it's 100% natural, doesn't contain any artificial flavors, coloring or preservatives, so you're really only getting the milk and fruit in the cup.

So as opposed to my normal drive-thru breakfast - a cup of the Med yogurt is a much better alternative breakfast!
I did also get to try the Greek yogurt - which is made with nonfat milk and has the water strained out of it - which is why it's so much thicker. Chef Megan made biscotti for us that was a nice combo with the sweet, tartness of the yogurt. 

It was really great trying Chef Megan's creations. This strawberry shortcake has yogurt in the cake as well! It was so moist and light - good stuff!

Chef Megan also made Blueberry-Lavendar Pound Cake with the Greek Blueberry yogurt. While I didn't really care for the Greek yogurt - this pound cake was definitely delicious. My friend Lauren on the other hand thought the Med yogurt was far too rich and she's more concerned with the calories - so she was all about the Greek yogurt.

Best part is - we were both happy!

And what a fun lunch! Lauren is my work buddy and she really likes the fact that she's friends with the Food Hussy! She never knows what fun stuff is coming her way! We had a great time tasting all of the great Liberte yogurt and chatting with Chef Megan. She was even kind enough to entertain all of my Top Chef questions! 

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