Restaurant Review: Currito Burritos

I can confidently say that I am a Chipotle-loyalist. As a marketing person (by day) - I know that their lime & salt sprinkled chips and their juicy shredded pork have worked their way into my brain. My brain has a chemical reaction when I hear the word Chipotle to tell the mouth - start drooling! I also have an expectation of flavor...but here I am...getting ready to buck the loyalty and TRY ANOTHER BURRITO! 

I decided to meet up with a couple of other bloggers (It's Free At Last and Wanna Bite) and try someplace new - so my burrito loyalty was going to be tested at the downtown Currito

There's a big line but it moves quickly and actually breaks into two lines once you get up to the registers so that's nice. The menu is big - they don't have the simplicity of Chipotle. They put together more unusual combos such as Bangkok (asian slaw, thai peanut sauce, cucumbers), Buffalo (romaine, buffalo sauce, celery), Mediterranean (hummus, cucumber, feta, pico de gallo, balsamic) and Tikka (chickpeas, masala, raita). 

I went for the Classic - to give it the true burrito to burrito comparison. The burritos were huge - I was a little frightened by the size as she was wrapping it. I found out AFTER I sat down that I could have gotten a "small". Who knew? 

So here is the behemoth burrito. 

Why Should You Go?  I'm skipping ahead to this section to describe the eats here. The inside of a burrito isn't very exciting or appetizing - so no photos of that. I only ate about half of the burrito - it just wasn't Chipotle. It's sort of like the barrage of "fancy hot dogs" out there - my palate likes ketchup & mustard on a hot dog. And apparently - my palate likes Chipotle in a tortilla. The rice was dry and the pork wasn't as juicy. I just didn't like the flavor. I tried some chips too - they were thicker and just weren't the same. So Currito isn't for me. My belly only has room for Chipotle.

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