Restaurant Review: Strong's Brick Oven Pizza

I can't tell you how many times people come to me and say, "Oh my God - you HAVE to try XYZ!" I do love when it happens - it's how I have found some of my favorite spots in the city. So last week - my coworker Maria came to me with, "Oh my God - you have to try Strong's Pizza in Newport!" 

So two days later - here we are. It's next to Mad Mike's - which used to be Graeters and is on Monmouth just up from Brio at Newport on the Levee. It's in an old house and has a vintage feel with signs hung on exposed brick walls throughout.

But there's a lot of pizza to discuss - we jumped in with Mindy's Mediterranean pizza (Mozzarella, spinach, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, feta and pesto cream sauce). I really liked the brick oven crust - I think it was light and airy. The toppings on the Med were good - there was a lot of the toppings but not much sauce - I think a little more sauce might have been welcome - but I liked it.

Okay - now prepare yourself for an Awkward Coworker Photo - I have no idea why - but this photo makes me smile so much.

This is one of the staff and our very own Jonesy. The way the employee is standing, the look on Jones' much awkward! #loveit Anybody wanna caption it?

There was a BIG table of us - some of the other girls went for the Margherita Pizza (mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil). Unfortunately none of them liked this pizza - they said it was just a lot of bland and they didn't even care for the crust that much.

Another group went for a half-and-half with the Mediterranean and Hot & Spicy Pizza (mozzarella, buffalo cream sauce, jalapenos, bacon). The girls liked this one and finished it off - I was a bit wary to try because of the heat factor. Nobody was racing for water but they did say it had some heat to it as well.

Strong's also has DESSERT pizza ($6.99)! What I loved about this was that it wasn't just the normal cinnamon streusel kind that you find most places. This was a brick oven pizza with white chocolate chips, powdered sugar and raspberry sauce! 

This was DELICIOUS and very unique. I really liked this - though I only had one piece. So I would definitely recommend it - but with friends - because it is rich and sweet. 

Why Should You Go? I like brick oven and I have to say - I don't know that I even have a "favorite" pizza place. The crust holds up a little better than Dewey's but might benefit from a dipping sauce. The table had mixed reactions and overall said the pizza was good but they weren't sure they felt the need to go back. That said - Maria loves it and will definitely be back! So - I think it's one you might have to try for yourself to make the final decision. 

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