Five Years Later: Food Hussy & Terry's Turf Club

It has been over FIVE years that I've been blogging! Pretty awesome eh? 

One of my first blog posts was for Terry's Turf Club in the East End - and I decided in honor of the 5 year milestone + my 40th birthday - I would revisit Terry's! Let's see if Terry's has held up as well as the Food Hussy?! 

One thing I can say - Terry's Turf Club has a WHOLE LOT MORE SIGNS outside and inside - it's an ADD nightmare! Also, when I reviewed Terry's in 2008 - they had 1 blog review on Urbanspoon - now they have 28! It's amazing how the food blogging world has changed in five years - but have the burgers changed? At the time - I said they were better than Zips...big shoes to fill for sure.

If you're not familiar with Terry's Turf Club - the menu used to be really simple - burgers. Now they have appetizers, fish, steak, soup and a lot more. But still - they are known for one thing - burgers. The specialty of Terry's is the toppings - Haloumi, Mango Curry, Crab Cake - you could have all three on the same burger!

I went for a burger with goat cheese, tomato, pickle, ketchup and mayo. The goat cheese is amazing - I mean look at that SLAB of goat cheese. Holy moly! You know - it's just simple and delicious. The burger is so huge - we didn't even get fries. 

The bun was toasted, the tomato was fresh and juicy, the goat cheese was creamy and rich and - most importantly - the burger was a perfect medium rare. 

Why Should You Go? So yes - five years later - Terry's Turf Club has held up just as well (if not better) than this 40 year old Food Hussy! If you want the best gourmet burger in Cincinnati - I still say - the quest starts at Terry's Turf Club. 

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