Restaurant Review: Giminetti Baking Company

At work - we're always looking for someplace new - and my coworkers know about my blog. One gracious coworker said she wanted to take me out for my birthday anywhere I wanted. So - I did what any Urbanspoon junkie would do - I went to my Wishlist and picked! 

I had Giminetti's on my wish list for quite some time now - I had driven by the baking company on Gilbert many times over the years. Finally - I had the time and the opportunity - so off we went! 

It's an eye-catching building near the Cadillac dealer on Gilbert. You head up to the counter and order from the friendly faces at the counter.

You can see the rounded front from the street - there is a lot of seating and we were there at noon and while they were pretty busy - there was plenty of room for our table of 6. They have a steady stream of take out and delivery traffic in addition to the folks dining in.

One item from the menu had me asking "What's a cialotto?" and they directed me to the wall for a visual - which really helped! It's pizza-ish and looked really good. Definitely on my menu wishlist for future visits.

Avocado & Fresh Mozzarella $5.95 - Avocado, Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto Served on Giminetti’s Own Ciabatta Roll. *Christ Hospital Heart Healthy Approved

We got a variety of sandwiches and menu items and everybody really liked their sandwiches. What struck me as funny is that I felt like recently I'd been not liking a lot of places and thought maybe it was me?! But finally - someplace I liked and everybody else did too!

Smoked Turkey Pesto $5.95 - Smoked Turkey, Provolone Cheese, Pesto Mayo, Onion and Tomato on
Foccacia Bread.

I can't remember exactly which salad Maria got but it was really good sized! It was full of toppings and she really enjoyed it.

They also have a half & half combo with a half sandwich and either a side salad or a cup of soup for $6.95. Again - rave reviews from the team.

Pepperoni Roll $6.95 - Pepperoni, Mozzarella, & Provolone Cheese rolled into our House Made Dough & baked to perfection. Choice of Marinara or Ranch. Served with a Small House salad.

I went for the Pepperoni Roll and have to say - it was DELICIOUS! Nobody was exaggerating in their praises. First - the salad - broccoli, egg, red pepper - more than just the normal boring toppings! The ranch - delicious and amazing - definitely GOOD ranch (you all know I'm a connoisseur)!

The Pepperoni Roll - just as delightful! The dough was light and airy but stuffed full of pepperoni and fresh cheeses.  A couple other folks got this as well and we all loved it! The marinara was great too - sweet and rich at the same time. Good stuff!!!!

Why Should You Go? We were all sold. A few weeks back we'd been to Jason's Deli and come to find out - most of us didn't really like it! We all said that we figured we could find something there we did like - but our initial orders were unsuccessful. Giminetti was just the opposite - everybody was extremely pleased with their orders! We also were really geeked to find out they deliver with a minimum $15 order - which is just like 2-3 people! So Giminetti will now be hearing from our office on a regular basis for meeting days. So why should you go? Because it's awesome! (And the prices and variety are good too!) They also have loaves of a variety of breads you can take home and cookies! (We didn't get a chance to try either but they sounded and smelled great!)

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