Restaurant Review: New China Buffet - Newport, KY

Recently I grabbed a couple blogger friends ( and and hopped over the bridge to Newport for some Chinese Buffet! 

In the strip mall by the new Kroger you'll find New China Buffet. It's really easy to spot and get to from 471.

This Chinese buffet has the pre-requisite chicken on a stick, sugar donuts, crab rangoons, jello cake concoctions and even sushi.

Oddly enough - as I'm writing this - my Pittsburgh friend sent me a list of 30 Things Ohioans Love. Check #11. Yes. We. Do.

This one even has sushi! Most of the time it's smaller plates with 3-5 pieces but this was mega sushi! Interestingly enough some people worry about the freshness of sushi - but I learned in my sushi class that restaurants season their rice so it stays fresh longer.

Thankfully they had my favorite dish too - I don't know what it is - but I love it. Fake krab, veggies and cheese. Melty krab-by goodness. 

Unfortunately I didn't love it here. It tasted like they were using cheese soup instead of cheese. Blergh. 

So here's my plate of yum. I love those rice noodles, some sushi, some honey chicken, some broccoli, a couple rangoons and yes - the krab cheese casserole. Then 2nd plate - JUST DONUTS. Those damn donuts are the best things in the place!

Why Should You Go? I didn't love it - but it wasn't too bad - just average. I think the Golden Dragon on Colerain is much better. But - for the area - it's about the only one I know of. So if you're downtown or in Covington/Newport and looking for a chinese buffet - here you go!

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