Road Trip: Cincinnati Zoo

This past weekend I got the chance to visit Cleveland - so I have a LOT of fun posts for you from that trip. But I have to finish up one "road trip" before I start the next - so here it is - the last of our week-long staycation: Cincinnati Zoo
I love the zoo - we make it a point to go every summer. 

First we checked out Cat's wingspan in the Bird area. She's apparently a Turkey Vulture - I knew it!

I love seeing animals that I have never seen before. This guy was posing on the rock for us so I had to oblige him with a photo.

What's in that hole? Gladys!!! Gladys and her surrogate mom weren't in the mood to come and hang out with us this day - but I couldn't resist trying to catch a peek at her!

We also needed food!!!! We were pretty impressed by the cheeseburger combo offered up at one of the Zoo booths - it was $6.99 for the burger and fries at the Safari Grill inside the park.

And then my favorite animal in the whole park - the POLAR BEAR! He was being a little lazy which bummed me out - but I still got to see him blowing bubbles at least. :-)

This was so cute - the zookeeper was literally walking back to the building with a flamingo - like they were pals! She just kept talking to him (?) saying "come on buddy" - "no this way - we gotta go get something to eat!". It was pretty awesome.

Cat and I got to pet a snake! I'm not a huge fan of snakes but I'm fine with petting them - as long as there's a handler there!

Cat LOVES giraffes - so we had to get a pic of her and one of the brood. They nearly matched even!

Here's nearly the whole family - so cute! They were the beginning of the new Africa exhibit that has partially opened.

And there are my two favorites - Larry & Cat at the end of our big day at the zoo.

Cincinnati Zoo is one of the best attractions in town and don't forget - you can get discounted tickets at any Kroger service counter! It's definitely a must-see for any visitors to Cincinnati!

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