Road Trip: Kings Island

While our niece was in town - there was one place that wasn't even a question as to whether we would visit - KINGS ISLAND

Here's the classic Kings Island picture of Cat and I in front of the sign and fountains. You can't go to KI without it.
I'm not a fan of roller coasters. Not. A. Fan. So I brought my friend Danielle - she loves them - as does Cat. This is a pic of the two of us before riding the Beast. Seriously?! (5 on a 1-5 thrill scale)

Then the girls rode the Vortex. At 40 - I know what I can and cannot do. I cannot do upside-down. They look so damn happy don't they?! (4 on thrill scale)

Then Dani tried to go easy on me and give me the kiddie swings. This was more my speed. I don't like heights but even I could handle this. And - I don't like spinning - but again - this was okay. It was so slow - and breezy - it was almost relaxing. Almost. (No thrill - whew)

Next up we did the tame coaster I knew I could handle - The Racer. Does the blue car ALWAYS win?! I did forget how high the first drop is. Ugh. (4 on the thrill scale)

Danielle was the expert - she has a pass and directed us expertly from ride to ride with minimal waits. God Bless that girl! Next up was Adventure Express - another wuss ride - it's even listed in the "family" rides - but still high! And they made me go alone so they could sit together! #thatscrap (5 on thrill scale - wow - good for me)

These two nutbars went on the Delirium. To quote Whitney Houston, "Hells to tha no!" (5 on thrill scale)

Come on!!!!! And they couldn't understand why I wouldn't ride?! 

Ok - riddle me this - why is LaRosa's better at Kings Island? Seriously - I really don't like LaRosas - EXCEPT at Kings Island! I mean - it's amazing there! The service, on the other hand, not so amazing. The less-than-helpful girl at the window just stared at me for a few minutes before mumbling something unintelligible. Finally someone came up and told me that pepperoni was going to be a 10 minute wait - but they had plenty of cheese. WELL THEN PUT IT OUT FOR PEOPLE! Ugh. Thankfully - it still tasted awesome.

Cat agreed - about the pizza - not my picture taking. 

We were watching the Log Ride - which has some dumb name and a 4 thrill rating - trying to figure out the best weight distribution to not get wet.

We did not figure it out. 

And this might be my favorite picture - we cheated and didn't buy it. But seriously - that has to be the look on my face on EVERY FREAKIN RIDE.

Then Dani had to go - so we took a break - went home and got Larry! Thankfully my riding was done - but I went to be the picture-taker.

Again, the obligatory picture - so cute to see Uncle and Niece together at last! 

And there they are - bonding in line - at the Invertigo. Yeah - no thanks. (5 on thrill scale)

No dangling feet for me. But they freakin loved it. 

Next up was the Firehawk. Larry was making sure all was secure while Cat was just up for fun! (5 on thrill scale)

But then - he saw me taking pics and decided he was far too Hollywood for me. Cat - still smiling. Gotta love that kid!

I was taking pics and vomiting. 

We decided we needed a little extra sustenance and got 3 Skyline cheese coneys. MMMMMM. 1 each and we were good! 

The last ride of the day was the ship (3 on scale). I begged off and told the kid running the ride, "I decided not to ride because I didn't want you to have to clean up vomit at the end of your day." He said, "Thank you - VERY MUCH."

I saved the best for last - this picture makes me smile. The little guy on the right looking like he's gonna hurl. Cat being Cat. And then Larry - in sheer and utter glee. Love it.

We had a great time at Kings Island - I think Cat said the Diamondback was her favorite. My favorite? The Log Ride. There were others I don't have pics of - but all were fun. And we were BEAT. I could barely even walk the next day!

Why Should You Go? If you have a thrill seeking kid or adult in your life - you have to go. If you have out-of-town visitors - you have to go. If you live in the 5-1-3 - you gotta go. (if only that rhymed)

* I did receive free media passes for our visit.

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