Product Review: Newman's Own Organics Pet Food & Treats

So as many of you know - I have a veritable zoo at my house - 2 dogs, 5 cats, 2 fish and 1 Larry. All of them are hungry beasts at one time or another during the day. I was recently introduced to Newman's Own Organics line of pet foods and treats - and I'm always happy to feed my "kids" things that are organic and better for them. 

First up: DOG! This is pretty much what I see every day - morning, noon, night. Mysty is a bottomless pit - only once has she been "full". And that was only because she knocked over her food container and ate all she could until she made herself sick. She's so happy though - how can you not love that face?!

She's not picky at all - but my other dog Wiener (yes - his name and breed are one and the same) - is pickier about food. Both of them really enjoyed the wet and dry food that Newman's Own Organics sent. I don't usually do wet food for my dogs - but it was a nice treat for them.

If you're wondering what does "USDA Certified Organic" mean in re: to pet food - it means that it's gone through a 3rd party verification process that validates that at least 95% of the ingredients are organic. The manufacturing facilities and procedures are also inspected.

And now for the good part - according to Mysty & Wiener - the treats! The dogs got to try the Snack Sticks - they have no wheat or corn, no artificial colors or preservatives and come in a resealable bag. These did not last long in our house. Their favorite treat is a Meaty Bone - but these were appreciated and gobbled up just the same. Mysty takes them down in less than 2 bites but they do last a little longer with Wiener.

They also liked the Peanut Butter cookies but I would moreso recommend these for smaller dogs. They're about the size of a quarter and a big dog like Mysty just inhales them like her dog food (She's a 65 pound German Shorthair Pointer mix).

And then the kitties - this is baby Ivy. She's the senior member of the household at 13 years of age - she's so pretty (and fat). She's what I affectionately refer to as a "Chicken Head". She has an amazing nose - if there is chicken in the car - she knows! So what would Chicken Head and her cohorts say about the Newman's Own Organics line?

Well - as you can tell - she's a voluptuous kitty - but just the same - she loved it all. They were all so excited to hear the can open - they came running and nobody snubbed their nose. Which in a world where there's not a Dr Doolittle to be found - I take as success and happiness! 

Also - the sale of Newman's Own Organics generates money for the Newman's Own Foundation. Paul and his wife, Joanne Woodward, were big philanthropists and the foundation has a motto of "Let's Give It All Away" - not a bad way to live. :-)

Thanks to the folks at Newman's Own Organics for the dog & cat gift boxes for my kids. 

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