Road Trip: 3rd Fridays at 78th Street Studios Art Gallery & Happy Dog Restaurant Review - Cleveland, OH

It's time for Part 3 of my Cleveland road trip - our first night there the folks at Positively Cleveland had the city vote on what we should do. 3rd Fridays at 78th Street Studios in old American Greeting's building was the top vote getter and with good reason! 

It's similar to Cincinnati's Pendelton Art Centers and every third Friday at 78th the studios are all open and they have local artisans set up in a common area. It's a really cool building and I loved seeing all the different artists. Some had fairly simple studios while others had full on stores. They all pay rent in this former factory. 

These were all pieces of art we saw around the studios - my favorite was the bottom right solely for the name of the piece: "F*** Off I Love You".

As I was wondering through the three packed floors - I came across an open area where multiple artists were set up and I got some nifty gifties! I couldn't resist getting shots of the artists with their wares - figure then I can say "That person made that!" 

And what art studio is complete without a dog!!!

The other thing to note is when you're in this type of setting - you can also end up finding art in it's natural state. Seeing these trees growing in the fence was so interesting.

There were also some hipster popsicles with flavors like Avocado & Blue Crab. This lady LOVED them - a little too much maybe but she let us know.

Then after all the shopping - we were HUNGRY! The masses voted and it was down to a farm to table place and a hot dog joint...the winner was:

Happy Dog! This is by far the best hot dog place I've been to. Why? Because it doesn't take itself seriously at all! You get to make your own dog - not with foo foo ingredients - but with awesome hot dog worthy toppings like sloppy joes, spaghetti-os and peanut butter!

The bar is huge!!! They also have a ton of items on tap - it was cra. 

I went for a cider - they were out of the berry - but this pear cider was good stuff. 

How can you not love "suggestive wieners"? Again - nothing foo foo (my husband's saying) - just white trash goodness - like Andy Cap Hot Fries!

Happy Dog is also really well known for their tots - so I indulged for sure. I had nacho cheese on the tots and on my dog I had relish, mac & cheese, bacon, garlic aioli and a fried egg. Our hosts were telling us that it takes a while to find the "perfect" combo for you - but I would love to spend some more time trying!

I did like my dog - although the mac & cheese wasn't very strong - so it didn't add a lot - I would have rather had Kraft Mac & Cheese. And um - that's some kryptonite relish! The hot dogs themselves were good too - lots of all beef flavor! Mine was definitely a cut & eat dog - I couldn't figure out how to pick that thing up!

Downstairs is a game room with shuffleboard - I totally remember having a tabletop board game like this. I would have never remembered that!

Why Should You Go? If you're in Cleveland and you like hot dogs - you gotta go. It's fantastic. It's a hole in the wall with awesome hot dog ingredients. There's nothing like it in Cincinnati. I loved it! To me - THIS is how you do a hot dog place!

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* Thanks again to the folks at Positively Cleveland for providing the weekend trip for me! 

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